CFSV July 2014 Newsletter


Last year around this time, I ran a survey asking all of the members of the CrossFit Somerville community what they wanted. I got a lot of great feedback and an amazing response rate - because y’all are really invested in what we’re doing here and really want to help me improve it. Looking at … Continue reading

Load up

Today we're hitting one of the most basic tests of strength - how much weight can you pick up off of the floor?  It's a day to come in fired up, to get ready to be aggressively tight and just as aggressive towards the barbell.  You'll have plenty of time to warm up and lock in solid form … Continue reading


You might have noticed that we use descending rep schemes in our WODs fairly regularly.  The idea is that as the movements we are using tire we do less of them each round so as to not allow muscle fatigue impede our quest for metabolic intensity.  Workouts like this really beg for a sprint to … Continue reading

Gettin’ springy

Many of the movements we train involve building symmetry through our bodies and often involve moving symmetrically, with both sides of our bodies doing the same thing as the other (like in a squat, where ideally what our left side does is the mirror image of what the right side is doing). … Continue reading

Clean complex

Barbell complexes are a great way to not only work on individual pieces of our more complicated lifts but to learn to connect them and do so under fatigue. Today, we'll be working on the clean. We'll start by drilling the first and second pull in the "clean pull". This should have us starting … Continue reading