New Community Forum, New Class Schedule, More Coaches

JT Scott | 10/10/2012 | 7

Hey there, guys! A few quick updates.

FIRST: Starting Monday, October 15, we’ll have 7:30am classes! This should help the crowding in the morning and make sure you late risers have a WOD to attend.

SECOND: Also starting the week of October 15, we’ll be getting Yosh some help in the evenings! A few nights each week, Maralene and KP will start coaching the evening classes and giving you late-owls some coaching variety.

THIRD: Some great feedback from our awesome Family has had me working on ways to create a community forum for conversation, questions, event announcements, outings, parties, projects, and other acts of spontaneous planning. This is one attempt, so please use it and (as always) give me feedback on it!

My vision for CrossFit Somerville is to create a community of leaders – capable, strong people who work together to shape the world around them. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, right? In that vein, I’ve always encouraged this to be a “do-ocracy”, and support wholeheartedly all the side events and functions that you guys plan. I think it’s awesome! (Remember to send me an invite.)

To that end, here is a Google Group I’ve created. The email address to post is just – send email there to get posting! To start posting though, you’ll need to join the group – this is strictly an “OPT-IN” type of engagement.

The group URL to subscribe is:

So go ahead and join up and start chatting away! If this works, great – if not, I’ll phase it out and try something else in my quest to make us all more functional. 🙂

7 comments for “New Community Forum, New Class Schedule, More Coaches

  1. Alicia says:

    Thanks for setting all this up JT!

    Is there a way in Zen Planner to show who is coaching what class? Or maybe someplace on the website there can be a schedule showing who is where when?

    • JT says:

      I tend to like the “unknown and unknowable” approach to coaching. Having a variety of coaches is good for all of us!

      So, really ZP just isn’t set up well to actually show who is coaching what on a daily basis, and we adjust schedule weekly based on travel and such. In general for the next few weeks, mornings will be a mix of Mandy, Maralene, KP, and myself. Yosh covers the noon. Evenings will be a mix of Maralene, KP, and Yosh. And as always, I’ll be hanging about giving helpful tips.

  2. Renee says:

    You rock, JT. I would love to plan a “primal potluck” at some point soon. Christine and Matt VK both have expressed interest in dinner parties. Christine has awesome theme ideas… I sense some sort of mixer being co-planned very very soon…

  3. Niki Brown says:

    Yay for the 7:30 class!

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