Hauling Mass

JT Scott | 02/14/2017 | 4

We’re still a week away from learning what the first CrossFit Open workout will be this year, but “bitching about the Open” season has already begun in some parts of CrossFittistan.

Most “competitive CrossFit” folks wait until they see the first workout to complain about the loads or the movements… but with this year’s hint that (spoilers) you’ll need Dumbbells to do the first WOD, the bitching has started early.

No one should be shocked! After all, Greg Glassman (founder of CF) said strongly in a video from January 2016 that “nobody’s doing enough with dumbbells”. But shocked they were – so much that Rogue Fitness sold out of dumbbells after the announcement as affiliates everywhere scrambled to get ready for the Open.

Seriously. They sold out. How many affiliates didn’t have Dumbbells out there?

Fortunately for you, we’re not scrambling to get ready for the Open because we’ve been working for years to get you ready for life – using classic methods along with an emphasis on good mechanics and functional movements. We’re breaking out our trusty DBs yet again for today’s haulfest, moving a bunch of weight back and forth and up and down in a variety of enjoyable ways.

We’re keeping the weight light today to keep you moving fast and let you focus on positioning while you move, but keep the technique points in mind – this stuff might come in handy next weekend.

25′ Front Rack DB Carry
20 DB Shoulder to Overhead
25′ DB Farmer Carry
20 Situps

* RX weights: 30/20

4 comments for “Hauling Mass

  1. Josh Mc says:

    6+82 @ 20#
    Little did I realize (until arriving this morning) that “carry” really meant “lunge” in the WoD. Thanks for the trickery JT. (But for real, the shoulder to overhead is what got me).

  2. Baumgartner says:

    8+10 RX.

    Shoulders feel gooooopy.

  3. Heather C. says:

    7+74 @ 15#

    First day back after my hiatus. Lower-back friendly workout! Feeling good!

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