Flip flop

Nick | 04/19/2017 | 3

It’s not quite sandal weather yet, so you know we’re talking about reversing the order.  Some of you seem to really take advantage of these flips, getting a little extra load in the strength work knowing there’s nothing to come afterwards.  I know you all don’t love it, but in the spirit of constantly varied workouts, hitting conditioning first from time to time can help keep you from getting too comfortable with the process and hindering your growth.



8 Box Jump Overs (30/24)

8 Toes to Bar

8 KBS (53/35)




3 comments for “Flip flop

  1. Josh Mc says:

    WoD: 5+23 w/30 inch box, 53# KB, and TTB deteriorating into mostly high knees; kipping technique needs some major work to hopefully speed these up in the future.

  2. Eoin says:

    WOD: 7 +18 @ 30″ BJOs, deteriorating TTBs & KBs @ 1.25 Pd
    STR: 275#

  3. Jon says:

    WOD: 6 + 5 Rx
    STR: 285#

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