Wear your long socks…

Nick | 04/20/2017 | 4

Here’s an oldie that I was particularly found of from a few years ago.  Alternating between climbing a rope and climbing the wall, we’ll want to find as much ease as we can.  That means things like holding our breath or using excessive strength is probably not a good idea.  Find a rhythm and try to remove any excess motion  – you’ll be happy you did by the last two minutes.


Push Press




1 rope climb

1 wall climb


A reminder from JT…

This weekend is a great opportunity for us to show some CrossFit Somerville pride. I invite you all to come out and join me on Saturday morning for the Spring Cleanup!

The city of Somerville hosts this volunteer effort each year to invite residents to help clean up and beautify their neighborhoods. We’ll be planting flowers, weeding beds, and generally cleaning up around the square! (You get a free t-shirt and hat too, I think.) We are no strangers to planting things here, and I hope you’ll give a few hours of your time to let people know that you care about the square beyond our cinderblock walls.

You can find more details at this link, but the basics are here:
WHERE: meet @ CFSV @ 10am
WHAT: Cleanup work around Union Square til noon
WHY: because it’s the place we love to be, and we like being good neighbors

…afterwards there’s a BBQ down near the Mayor’s house in 10 Hills, but I’ll be going out to knock on doors and talk to voters instead. You can let me know if he can cook chicken as good I can. 😉

4 comments for “Wear your long socks…

  1. Ben PC says:

    WOD: 16 Rx
    The only thing that mattered today was beating Amos…

  2. Josh Mc says:

    Str: 95#
    WoD: 12(ish). Wall climbs not quite there. Definitely didn’t beat Amos.

  3. Heather C. says:

    Strength – 95#
    WOD: 14 Rx – chasing Ben the whole time. Locking the elbows on the wall climb and getting full extension on the rope climbs definitely helped!

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