Cycling barbells

Kirstie Young | 05/15/2017 | 2

Cycling a barbell is a skill that athletes use to improve their efficiency with barbell movements. Today we will be practicing this in our strength with hang squat cleans. Applying this in workouts can make you faster and more efficient athlete.

After all that barbell work we’re going to dig into a quick AMRAP of running, toes to bar, and wall climbs. Who’s excited?!

5 Hang squat clean

200m run
12 Toes to bar
2 Wall climbs

2 comments for “Cycling barbells

  1. Niki Brown says:

    STR: 105#
    WOD: 3+212

  2. Joanna says:

    6 x 55, 2 x 65, 2 x 65

    3 + 12

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