The Battle is Back

Nick | 06/15/2017 | 1

JP CrossFit, CrossFit Somerville, and Commonwealth CrossFit are partnering to bring you the most fun community-building CrossFit event this side of the Narrow Sea! Behold—the Battle for Bosteros!

In this two-day event (7/15-7/16), teams of two will come together to complete WODs at two of the gyms: Saturday at JPCF and Sunday at CrossFit Somerville. After the competition is over, we’ll have a BBQ to celebrate Sunday afternoon!

But here’s the fun bit—your team will be made up of people from different gyms! You’ll be making new friends while WODing alongside old ones, celebrating functional fitness and the summer. If you have questions please email



pull ups

push ups

sit ups

double unders

*work for :20, rest for :10, move on to next movement.  Score it total reps.




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  1. Jon says:

    WOD: 365 Rx
    STR: 255#

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