Part Chipper, Part Rounds, All Flavor

Nick | 10/10/2017 | 5

Combining the rhythm of rounds for time with the refreshing nature of a chipper, today’s WOD has all kinds of spice!  After working our jerk up to a heavy triple, we’ll be getting ourselves set up for what could be considered a chipper with a “buy in” for each new movement of a 250m row.  This should add some continuity to the ever changing nature of the chipper elements.  Use it to reground and prepare yourself for the large set of the next movement on your list!





Row 250m

30 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)

Row 250m

40 KBS (1.5/1)

Row 250m

50 burpees

5 comments for “Part Chipper, Part Rounds, All Flavor

  1. Erik says:

    Str: 155# (a little shoulder issue)
    WOD: 10:40 rx

  2. Roger says:

    STR: 115#. Meh.
    WOD: 13:23 Rx

  3. Niki Brown says:

    STR 165# (body weight!)
    WOD 12:45 RX

  4. Kevin says:

    Str: 175#
    Woe: 11:43 Rx

  5. Josh Mc says:

    Str: 135#
    WoD: 13:44 Rx.

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