Get on up!

Kirstie Young | 11/13/2017 | 2

The theme for class today is pulling. You’ll all be pulling yourselves over a bar or pulling and a dumbbell off the floor. For our strength portion of class, you’ll all be practising bar muscles ups.¬†This is a chance to face the bar and get some good pulling work in before you do it in the workout.

The workout is broken up into 2 min rounds.  Within 90 seconds you have to complete a total of 16 dumbbell snatches, 3 bar muscles ups, and with the remaining time complete as many burpees to target as you can. Your score today is the total number of burpees completed during all 7 rounds of work.

An important note on burpees: Your coach will ask you to choose a target to reach for the burpees. Choose anything 6 inches or higher above your head. Even if you can’t reach it all we want is for you to open your hips. JUMP BIG that’s what we are looking for.

Bar muscle ups

7 Rounds:
-Each round-
:90 to complete
16 Dumbell snatches (50/35)
3 Bar muscle ups
Max Effort: burpees to target
Rest :30
* score is total numbers of burpees completed.

2 comments for “Get on up!

  1. Roger says:

    WOD: 44
    DB Snatches @ 35#
    1 MU (chicken wing) and 1 Pull Over

  2. Eoin says:

    WOD: 46
    DB Snatches @ 30#, jumping MUs

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