Moving things places

Nick | 12/05/2017 | 3



Sometimes it’s not good enough to just pick something up and put it back down in the same spot.  Sometimes, you have to move things places.  And sometimes, that place isn’t on the same level that you started.

Today, we’ll see how effective simple concepts can be.  Pick something up and carry it somewhere.  Bonus – change your elevation as you do.  Done at speed, this will rev you up quick.

Mind your bracing so we don’t just dump the work into our backs.  We’re going to need them for some strength work later.


4 rounds

15 cal row

10 dumbbell box overs (20′) (40/25#)

5 strict pull ups




*sets across, @2:00

3 comments for “Moving things places

  1. Ben B says:

    Fun workout!
    WOD: 8:48 Rx-ish (pull-ups got a bit kip-y for the last set)
    Deadlift: 3 reps at 315#

  2. Eoin says:

    WOD: 10:27 @ 40#, red band PUs
    STR: 275#

  3. Roger says:

    WOD: 12:04 Rx
    STR: 245#

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