Schedule switcharoo

Kirstie Young | 01/07/2018 | 5

Hello! There is a small schedule change. I will be coaching Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings. I will also be taking over Olympic weightlifting so come by Wednesday night and start improving your lifts!

Kickstart Monday with this nice three rounder. Hope to see you all soon!

3 Rounds
30 Pull ups
30 Hang squat cleans (65/45)
90 Double unders

5 comments for “Schedule switcharoo

  1. Niki Brown says:

    19:52 65# pull-ups and those damn jumping tap thingies.

  2. Roger says:

    Cleans @ 65#
    35 DUs/round except last round where I did the jumping tap thing.

  3. Eoin says:

    Scaled pull ups and did the double tap

  4. Kevin says:

    23:06; green and blue band pull-ups; 65# HSC; scaled double taps

  5. Jon says:

    27:31 Rx

    Wound up doing doubles on the pull-ups for the last set.

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