Lunging overhead

Nick | 01/09/2018 | 2

We’re going to really challenge your overhead stability today, but not with our typical tools.  Our overhead lunges today are with a bar instead of a plate.  This will allow us to load heavier and add a much different balance element.

The fact that they show up at the end of the round is noteworthy too.  Keep in mind while warming up to your working weight that these will come after 30 wall balls and 20 pull ups each round, so our shoulders will be pre-fatigued for sure…


30 wallballs (20/14)

20 pull ups

30 lateral jumps (over bar)

15 overhead lunge steps (95/65)

2 comments for “Lunging overhead

  1. Josh Mc says:

    WoD: 24:02 @ 20# WB, green-banded pullups, and 65# overhead lunge steps

  2. Roger says:

    WOD: 27:13(?)
    WB @ 20#
    lunges @ 75#

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