Loading up the system

Kirstie Young | 01/17/2018 | 3

Welcome friends! Many of the movements today are fairly simple in nature but it should load up your system and make you breathe hard.

Also please come to CFSV this Saturday for our annual holiday party! 7-10 Food, friends, open bar, and your favorite people in non-workout clothes! What more can you ask for?

Back squat

Toes to bar
Russian Kettlebell swings (2/1.5)

3 comments for “Loading up the system

  1. Josh Mc says:

    Str: 185#
    WoD: 10:54 @ 2.0 KBS, & TTB lasting halfway into round 2, about 35 total, but really slowed the pace.

  2. Eoin says:

    STR: 220#
    WOD: 9:02 Rx

  3. Jon says:

    Str: 245#
    WoD: 8:56 Rx

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