Where’s my rest go?

Nick | 02/08/2018 | 8

Coming at you with a long interval WOD this Friday!  This one gives you :40 rest at the end of each round.  If it seems like a lot, well, it’s not.  By the last few rounds, you’ll be wondering where it all went.

To keep the flow today, we’ll be scaling our cals on the rower to how much we can do in :30 when we’re fresh.  That way, we’ll keep the work to rest ratio under control and be able to hit the burpees fast!


10 rounds

10 burpees

10 cal row

rest :40

8 comments for “Where’s my rest go?

  1. Josh Mc says:

    WoD: 16:57 Rx, definitely my kind of WoD…

  2. Ben B says:

    WOD: 17:11

  3. Michael says:

    I agree with Josh, this sucked in all the right ways!
    16:23 RX

  4. Nadav says:

    21:36 Rx
    oh my

  5. Eoin says:

    16:45 Rx

  6. Jon says:

    17:24 Rx

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