Such Dumbbell, much awesome!

Melaina Neisner | 02/12/2018 | 3

Friends, I am late! I am sorry!

Tomorrow, we have a CrossFit dot Com special! It is an interesting and fun on! For the dumbbell deadlifts and the strict press we will be using the  same weight! The strict press will be the limiting factor, so you have no excuse not to haul ass on those deadlifts. For you’re weights, you are going to want to chose a weight that maybe scares you a little bit, and you might not be able to complete all 14 strict press in one, or even two sets, and that is okay. When I did this work out, I was surprised at how grippy it was!

Before the work out starts we will have plenty of time to test out the single arm strict press, and play around with weight.


7 Rounds for Time

14 Dumbbell Deadlifts (50/35)

14 ALT Dumbbell strict press

time goal: 12-15 min

Seriously guys, go heavy on the overhead today. We usually push for unbroken, consisten movement. Today is an okay day to struggle through those strict press, try not to drop down to singles.

3 comments for “Such Dumbbell, much awesome!

  1. Josh Mc says:

    WoD: 10:57 @ 30#. Broke up last 4 rounds into sets of 8 & 6 on the press.

  2. Michael Augustine says:

    WOD: 8:54 @ 40#. Quick movement and used 40# due to left arm unable to strict press the #50.

    Prob should’ve gone 45# but that was sprint to the end.

  3. Nadav says:

    35# (push press)

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