Come get yer fitness

Nick | 02/15/2018 | 2



We’ll be closed for regular classes this Monday. Despite that, at 1 pm there will be a Mel and Kirstie take over! They will run a “coach in” WOD. Expect the work out to be on the longer side!! Class will potentially run longer than an hour. Kirstie and Mel will explain the wod and answer any questions that you have about the wod but they will be woding with you! Note- this is a minimally coached class, we expect athletes to make smart decisions and scale appropriately.

Friday’s WOD will be coached as usual.  A chipper of sorts, this one is all midline all the time!


30 Overhead Lunge Steps (45/25)

30 knees to elbows

30 sit ups

30 KBS (1.5/1)

30 sit ups

30 knees to elbows


2 comments for “Come get yer fitness

  1. Ben B says:

    WOD: 13:27 Rx (missed contact on a few KTE though. Rxish)

  2. Roger says:

    WOD: 11:03 ALJ, knees to elbows were suspect.

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