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This week’s Open WOD starts getting technical, but offers many options to keep us moving if we’re missing some of the more challenging movements.

While you are welcome to scale however best serves you, the scaled option presented will help you keep things moving (and gives you the possibility of beating the 14 minute time cap.  If you don’t have muscle ups but do have pull ups, consider just hitting the scaled version as fast as you can.  The loads are drastically reduced (especially the overhead squats), and while it might make sense to use a weight between the Rx and Scaled versions, try not to let your ego take over.  Remember, in the end CrossFit is chasing intensity.  What version will maximize that for you?

WOD: 18.3 [scaled version in brackets]

2 rounds

100 double unders [100 single unders]

20 overhead squats (11/80) [45/35]

100 double unders [single unders]

12 ring muscle ups [pull ups]

100 double unders [single unders]

20 dumbbell snatches (50/35) [35/20]

100 double unders [single unders]

12 bar muscle ups [pull ups]


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  1. JoshMc says:

    WoD: 1+305 @ scaled version of 18.3.

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