Melaina Neisner | 03/12/2018 | 2

Friends! Are y’all ready for the snow storm? We are! We are opened for classes as usual as of right now. Keep your eyes on the blog and website for snow updates!


Tomorrow here is what we got for you:

8 rounds:

10 plate snatch (45/25)

20 OH Lunge steps



We are going to spend a good portion of the class working on our toes to bar! Yay!

Then once you get into the work out the plate snatch and over head lunges will tax your shoulders (and legs! which you actually need to use to get your toes to the bar!). Here is your challenge, hold onto those toes to bar. If you are regularly practicing toes to bar in WODs I want you to hold onto all 5 toes to bar, unbroken for all 8 rounds. ┬áIf you struggle with toes to bar let’s try to keep it to the 2 sets! If toes to bar are something new to you, we can even drop the reps down to 3.
I want y’all to keep them clean, make sure to nail the kip swing every time! Y’all will kill it!


Everyone stays safe and warm tomorrow! Keep your eyes on the blog and website for updates on snow closures, for now we are open per usual!



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  1. Niki Brown says:

    WOD: 13:55 @ 25# with unbroken TTB

  2. Ben B says:

    WOD: 17:11 @ 35 plate. Some TTB more like attempts than legit, but went unbroken…

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