Same time, smaller sets

Nick | 09/06/2018 | 7

Today is an exploration in how breaking things up differently can drastically change how it hits us.  We’ll be repeating the same 4 minute AMRAP five times through, only each time the rep scheme drops by two.

This will make for much faster rounds by the end, but we’re counting total reps today, not rounds and reps.  This will allow you to more evenly compare your scores round to round and see if the faster transitions are helping or hurting as you fatigue deeper into the WOD.


5 rounds


12 deck squats

12 kettlebell swings

12 pull ups

=REST 2:00=

then repeat with:

2) 10,10,10

3) 8,8,8

4) 6,6,6

5) 4,4,4

* 5 scores – total reps for each round

7 comments for “Same time, smaller sets

  1. JoshMc says:

    WoD: 68; 65; 53; 45; 59. Deck squats w/o mat; KB @ 1.5 pd. Kinda hit the pull up wall midway through rounds 3 and 4, which slowed things up quite a bit – 3 or 4 pull up no-reps in that range derailed the Rx attempt. The 5th round of 4s was more manageable. This was a good challenge.

  2. Ben B says:

    WOD: (something like) 70, 72, 73, 73, 63
    I hate tape on pull up bars. My hands are destroyed and it pulls the paint off the bar too. Ban the TAPE!

  3. Abigail R says:

    WOD: Don’t remember exactly, but two rounds in the 60s, two rounds in the 50s, and last round I think 44, rx. I made bad breakfast choices that led to a LONG break in that last round. But a fun one! Probably more pull-ups than I’ve ever done in a single WOD before.

  4. Eoin says:

    WoD: 75; 75; 76; 72; 64. Deck squats with mat; KB @ 1.5 pd. Jumping PUs

  5. Roger says:

    WOD: 76, 70, 64, 57, 58 Rx. Couldn’t keep up with EB and Eoin. Didn’t help that by the third round I started to feel a bit nauseous.

  6. Jon says:

    WoD: 70, 60, 57, 51, 52 Rx

    Had a real hard time hanging on to the bar by the end.

  7. Nadav says:

    WOD: 74; then pretty much around 60 @ deck squats from the floor, 1.25pd (?) & jumping PU

    such a cool workout, deck squats are so much fun

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