Cardio Hardio

Melaina Neisner | 11/05/2018 | 3


All of the conditioning tomorrow, gang. Here is what we got!


750 m row 

30 kettle bell swings (1.5/1)

22:00 min time cap

The focus tomorrow will be rowing. We’ll spend the majority of class honing rowing technique and also talking about how to pace the work out. We don’t want to go out hot on round 1 of the row and then dog the next 3 rounds. We’ll want to find an intensity, a pace, that we can hold across all around. Don’t know what that pace, don’t worry, we’ll help you find it.

Y’all know how to kettle bell swing. Today we want to choose a weight that if I asked you to, you could complete 30 swings unbroken with ease, be honest with yourself on this. During the work out, it will be smart to break them up a bit.


Make me proud team!


3 comments for “Cardio Hardio

  1. JoshMc says:

    WoD: 18:15 Rx, broke up the KBS into 2, 3, 3 and 4 sets but tried to keep breaks/transitions as short as reasonably possible. Just hop back on that erg and get going!

  2. Nadav says:

    WOD: 22:04 @20kg (not sure what it is in poods)

  3. Jon says:

    WoD: 21:01 Rx

    Felt like I had enough gas in the tank for another round, so I might have under-paced on the rowing a bit.

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