Don’t get caught by the clock

Nick | 01/08/2019 | 2

Today we have an EMOM that combines some heavy loading with some fast cardio/skill work.  While it should be no problem to get your A) minute work done in the time allotted, the challenge will be finishing the B) minutes quick enough so you’re still able to lift your A) minute.

This also has the potential to get frustrating if we don’t choose our B) minute scales wisely.  Both toes to bar and double unders can be fickle, so choose in a way that keeps you moving.



A) 3 Power Cleans (155/105)

B) 6 toes to bar and 15 double unders *** Rx+ is 8 ttb and 25 DU ***

2 comments for “Don’t get caught by the clock

  1. Ben B. says:

    Wod: 155, strict TTE, 25 DU

  2. Niki Brown says:

    WOD: RX. 155# got heavy!

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