Push and Pull

Nick | 01/31/2019 | 3


Today is all about driving hard with your legs on the row and scaling/breaking up your push ups well.  If your not using your legs well (read: posterior chain), your shoulders won’t be ready for the volume of push ups.

And if you’re too aggressive with your push ups, things will come to a screeching halt fast.  It’s not the fact that you have 150 push ups to do, it’s that you have 75 in a row, without any change in pattern for your body. It’s the smart athlete who does well in this WOD.


1k row

75 push ups

750m row

50 push ups

500m row

25 push ups

*25:00 cap

3 comments for “Push and Pull

  1. Ben PC says:

    22:40 @ 20in box

  2. JoshMc says:

    23:07 Rx; row was mainly a recovery, wasn’t in a rush to start the pushups again…

  3. Nadav says:

    WOD: 20 (or 21?):56 @ agro box for about 50, the rest on 20inch box

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