Moar Dumbbells!

Nick | 02/07/2019 | 2

It is open season after all, and dumbbells have made a huge comeback in the last few years.  Today’s movement, the DB snatch, is a little more standard than the mixed carry we’ve been playing with.

This one has the added spice of bonus push presses every 2 minutes.  That means the fast you work, the less barbell you have to lift.  Get it done quick, and don’t let the clock get ahead of you.


4 Rounds

15 pull ups

25 DB snatch (50/35)

*Every 2 Minutes, On the Minute

3 Push Press (125/85)

**18:00 cap

2 comments for “Moar Dumbbells!

  1. Niki Brown says:

    WOD: 13:29 40# db / 105 barbell

    Great job coach Nelly!

  2. Nadav says:

    WOD: 12:11 @ some pull-ups, then ring rows / 35#DB / 105 barbell

    Shoulders very sore, pull-ups (as expected) quickly vanished, and I also skipped the last round of push-presses (I just could not face the barbell, which proved to be too heavy), so, all in all, not my best wod, but still did some work

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