Lats lats lats

Nick | 02/13/2019 | 2


We have a pulling based workout for you today, and that means it’s going to be lat heavy. If this term is new to you, I’m referring to the big, wide muscles that sweep across your back, from essentially the bottom of your ribcage up into your shoulders.  They are a key player any time you’re pulling.  (They’re also often partially responsible for locking our shoulders down in a rounded “desk posture”).

They’re ALSO intrinsically connected to our glutes. That means several things for us today.  For one, if we’re “quad dominant” rowers (if you lean back too soon or keep your tailbone too tucked) you’ll be missing a huge connection to your ability to pull with your arms and rowing will often seem harder than it should.  It also means that if you don’t keep your butt tight on your kips for toes to bar, your lats will have a hard time staying connected for the “pull” that lifts your legs on the rebound, and you’ll have a harder time finding a flow.  And finally, it means that if your not “pulling” the bar back towards you as you pull the bar from the ground on your snatches, you’ll be missing a lot of access to your posterior chain and won’t be able to deliver as much power to the bar.

That all being said, if those shoulders are feeling sore in a day or two after all of this, don’t hesitate to stop by the Saturday morning mobility class at 9am.  It’s free for members (you don’t even need to sign up!) and it’s a great way to undo some of the extra tension we leave in our bodies.


4 rounds

40/30 cal row

15 toes to bar

10 power snatches (115/85)

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  1. Ben B. says:

    WOD: 3 + 30 @ 40 cal, TTB (about half attempts, half making contact), 95#

  2. Nadav says:

    WOD: 3+17 @ 40 cal, TTB, and 75#

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