Open, Closed

JT Scott | 03/24/2019 | 6

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s CrossFit Open! Y’all did a great job whether you were competing, judging, or just cheering on your friends! It was wonderful to see y’all bring your families and throw down on Friday nights, and just a delight to see so many firsts and PRs. Your coaches won’t forget, and we’ll remind you so you don’t forget either: you’re stronger than you think.

Today’s workout is just how we like it: simple and effective. It’s not *quite*┬árunning season yet but we’ll get our cardio on the rowers. (Though your coaches have been keeping a keen eye on the temps on the forecast so you can look forward to doing some running this Friday…) Instead, we’ll be getting a bit of the old “push/pull” on in a couplet that gives you no room to breathe.

After the high volume on Friday, this will seem like a positively short workout! Don’t skimp on the weight, though – we want this to hit that real sweet spot of “oh god I want to set this bar down so I can breathe, but I don’t really HAVE to set it down”. It’s just 62 reps overhead, perfect for a middlin-heavy load that demands your respect and rewards your attention to keeping elbows up and midline tight.

Row 500m
21 Push Press (115/85)
Row 500m
18 Push Press (115/85)
Row 500m
15 Push Press (115/85)
Row 500m
12 Push Press (115/85)

6 comments for “Open, Closed

  1. JoshMc says:

    WoD: 13:54 @ 100#

  2. Ben PC says:

    Very slow @ 20:26 rx

  3. Ben B says:

    WoD: 15:22 Rx (Definitely some no reps due to jerking though!)

  4. Roger says:

    WOD: 16:21 @ 95#

  5. Eoin says:

    WOD: 13:51 @ 95#

  6. Nadav says:

    WOD: 15:46 @ 85#

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