No Music!

Melaina Neisner | 05/09/2019 | 1

Hey Squad –

So Just wanted to throw a little disclaimer in here! The music went down last night! Our entire back wall is without power! Mike and I did as much tinkering as we knew how and have not been able to reset the fuse! So I am keeping my fingers crossed maybe it will fix itself over night but just in case it doesn’t I wanted to let you all know, that we will be fitnessing sans music tomorrow! I am going to bring a tiny speaker but CFSV is a big open space! It is an interesting and good experience working through a WOD without music – it’s not a bad thing to practice but I completely understand if y’all are not into it!

Here is what we will be doing tomorrow:








Front rack split squat 3xleg


Amrap 14

8 pull upsĀ 

32 double unders

12 pistolsĀ 


This is going to be a fun one y’all. We want to keep the pull ups in one set or two quick ones, keep the dubs down to :30 seconds and we want to pick a scale for pistols that lets us move and groove. We will talk about all of this tomorrow!







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  1. Ben B says:

    STR: 95#
    WoD: 6 + 31 (PU, DU, pistols with plate for heel and plate for counterbalance)

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