Don’t drop the load

Nick | 08/13/2019 | 3

We’re working on a slow grind today with incentive to finish what we start.  We’ll have a farmers carry, some wall climbs and double unders and  possibly some extra running.  We’ll be carry our weights to the stop sign and back, but if we have to set them down we have to do a 200m run before picking them back up.  Hang on tight – this is a grip cycle!



stop sign farmers carry (50/35) *

5 wall climbs

35 double unders

*200m run every time you set weights down

3 comments for “Don’t drop the load

  1. BenB says:

    WoD: 5 rounds even Rx

  2. Eoin says:

    WOD: 4+120 @ 50#, singles

  3. Ana says:

    5+5 Rx

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