Car Di Yo

Nick | 08/20/2019 | 3

We’re hitting a longer cardio blaster today, interval style!  Each round we’re looking to burn through our swings and sit ups as quickly as possible and get our butts on our rower and pull pull pull.  At the end of each 2 minute round, we get a full minute rest before going back at it.  Here we go!


8 rounds

in 2:00…

20 KBS (53/35)

20 sit ups

ME Row (meters)

=rest 1:00=

3 comments for “Car Di Yo

  1. Nadav says:

    WOD: ~1450 Rx (the wod was 15 KBS and 15 sit ups)

  2. JoshMc says:

    WoD: 2,223 Rx (15 and 15 per the updated board)

  3. Ana says:

    2044 Rx, also with 15s

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