Pressin’ again!

Nick | 09/10/2019 | 2




















We’re back at it again!  This time, we get to drop under our bar and get a little extra help from our legs.  They’ll probably be feeling worked after the backsquats that we’ll start with, but jerking instead of just push pressing should be a welcome addition to our shoulder to overhead series.

Keep giving those shoulders love – there will be some form of pressing all week, so make sure they’re getting opened back up!



back squat




push jerk (135/95)

*15 cal row at end of each round

2 comments for “Pressin’ again!

  1. BenB says:

    STR: 215# (working on form a bit, prob had 225#)
    WoD: 11:59 @ 115#

  2. Nadav says:

    STR: 185#
    WOD: 12:31 @ 85# push press. I preferred today, due to low back sensitivity, to keep the weight low and do push presses instead of jerks. I found this work out to be quite fun at this weight actually!

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