Tabata Thursday

Jenna Buckle | 10/09/2019 | 2

Josh the “Engine”

It’s been a while… but the Tabata is back! Tabata is a style of interval training that alternates between work and rest. One Tabata consists of eight rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest (for a total of four minutes).

For our workout today, you’ll be performing four Tabatas. This means you’ll spend four minutes on the rower, four minutes on pull-ups, four minutes on push-ups, and four minutes on sit-ups.

Oh, and you’ll have one minute of rest in between each Tabataā€”just enough time to transition to the next movement šŸ™‚


Running clock for 20 minutes:

Tabata row (calories)
Tabata pull-ups
Tabata push-ups
Tabata sit-ups

*1 minute of rest between Tabatas
*Score is total number of reps across all Tabatas


  • The Open 2020 is here! Our Friday evening classes (5pm, 6pm, 7pm) will not run for the next five weeks. We’ll instead be running Friday Night Lights heats for the Open between 5:30 and 7:30pm. A sign-up spreadsheet will be sent out on Thursday nights with the heat times.
  • We will beĀ closedĀ for Indigenous Peoples’ Day next Monday, 10/14.

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  1. JoshMc says:

    WoD: 256 Rx. Engine nearly ran out of gas during the pushups but revved back up again for the situps.

  2. Nadav says:

    WOD: 230 Rx

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