Open 20.1 Y’aaalllll!!!

Melaina Neisner | 10/10/2019 | 5

Hey TEAM!!!

Guess who?! 

Guest posting for y’all from San Francisco! First I’d like to say I miss you all terrible and hope you are doing well.

Alright, let’s talk fitness! So it’s open season round two, which makes this one maybe a little less exciting? But let me tell y’all I am fired up for this work out and I hope you are too.


10 Rounds for time:

8 ground to over head (95/65)

10 bar facing burpees

Time cap: 15:00

This is will be cardio hardio! Here is what I suggest – slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Pace out those ground to over head and those burpees till the last few rounds when it counts and you’ll want to haul ass!

Let’s talk about the ground to over head – this just means that you’ll be taking the bar from the ground to the over head position. So you can snatch it, that’ll be the most efficient way to do this, but it is more taxing on your shoulders which will be smoked from those burpees. You can also clean and jerk it. Which one you do is up to you. I am personally going to go with clean and jerk, it’s more sustainable and allows me to haul ass just a bit more!

Squad, here is the link to the work out and here is a link to the work out description and movement standards.

Okay, that is all for now. Go out and make me proud y’all and have so much fun!!


5 comments for “Open 20.1 Y’aaalllll!!!

  1. JoshMc says:

    WoD: 6+17 (couldn’t squeeze in that last rep to finish the round) Rx. C&J and usually broke them up into 3 sets. Got the heart-rate up for sure. Hope all is well in San Francisco, Mel 🙂

  2. BenB says:

    Mel, we miss you!
    WoD: 7+6 Rx (did first two rounds snatches then switched to c&j. Hope that’s legal, but wish I’d done c&j the whole time)

  3. Daniel S says:

    9 + 3, doing the Master’s scale thingy for my age group. Snatched all but one round (at 65#).

    Mel – keep posting!

  4. Jon says:

    WoD: 7 + 1 Rx

    Mel! So glad to hear from you! Made my day to see you doing the blog this morning. Hope San Francisco is being excellent to you!

  5. Eoin says:

    WOD: 7+5 Rx. Thanks Abigail for the judging and motivation!!

    Didn’t crush it as much as I wanted to, Mel 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!!

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