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Today’s focus is on controlling the decent into our squat.  Throughout this cycle we’ll be working on keeping our bodies loaded through what’s call the eccentric phase of our movements. This is generally the “down” part, and that’s exactly what we’ll see today.

We’ll be working with a specific tempo – 21×1.  Each number represents how many seconds a phase should take.  Here, it means 2 seconds down, 1 second at the bottom, eXplode up as fast as you can and then hold the top for 1 second while you take a breath.  Stick to this tempo.  IT will not allow you to get as heavy as you normally would, so expect and allow that.  But still feel free to push yourself to failure.

After that, some tabata work to start right up building our toes to bar.  Here we go!


Back Squats


Tempo: 21×1




“around the worlds”

strict pull ups

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