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Squad Squad!

Back again with this weeks Open post. We have a long long leggy chippah for you! Let’s take a peek. 

For time:

30 box jumps
15 clean and jerks, 65 | 95 lb.
30 box jumps
15 clean and jerks, 85 | 135 lb.
30 box jumps
10 clean and jerks, 115 | 185 lb.
30 single-leg squats
10 clean and jerks, 145 | 225 lb.
30 single-leg squats
5 clean and jerks, 175 | 275 lb.
30 single-leg squats
5 clean and jerks, 205 | 315 lb.

20 minute time cap


C&J weights:

Women: 35-55-75-95-115-135 lb.

Men: 65-95-115-135-155-185 lb.

Box Jumps -> Box Step Ups

Pistol Squats -> Medball step ups (14/20)

Alright, let’s talk strategy! For most humans it is likely the pistols or the weight on the clean and jerk will be the limiting factor. So weather or not you decide to do scaled or RX my recommendation is to pace out those box jumps and take those heavier clean and jerks as singles, this is a super leg heavy work out which will definitely effect the heavy lift. After watching the open announcement my recommendation for the heavy jerk portion of this work out, if you are proficient in split jerking, use it!

If you aren’t registered for the Open I’d say to mix and match scales.

And of course most importantly HAVE FUN!

Happy Holloween, Team!

Link to movement standards

3 comments for “20.4

  1. Daniel S says:

    200 reps scaled. This was fun and helped build some confidence for heavy C&Js.

    Will score the Rx version this weekend.

  2. JoshMc says:

    186 reps – scaled version.

  3. JoshMc says:

    (Note: box jumps instead of box step-ups for 1st three rounds)

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