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TEAM! Team! We are here, we made it to 20.5. Here is what we got: 

For time: 

40 Ring Muscle Ups 

80 Calorie Row

120 Wall Ball Shots (20/14) target height: 10’/9′


40 Chin Over Bar Pull Ups

80 Calorie Row 

120 Wall Ball Shots (14/10) target height: 10’/9′

Time Cap: 20 Min

**Partition reps however you like!!!

First! I want to talk about the Ring Muscle Ups, the scaled version of this is chin over bar pull ups. If you aren’t registered for the open I want you to pick a challenging pulling scale, this can be anything from a more difficult ring row or maybe chest to bar pull ups.

Alright! Strategy! I would approach this similarly to how Murph is approached.

This is a little bulkier as far as volume of reps per rounds:

5 Rounds:


8 Muscle Ups

16 Cal Row

24 Wall Ball Shots

Or like we do with Murph break up the Muscle ups a little more within the round and do this:

5 Rounds

4 Muscle Ups

16 Cal Row

4 Muscle ups

24 Wall Balls

Or less reps per round which means less fatigue but you’ll need to be cognizant of transitions.

10 Rounds

4 Muscle Ups

8 Cal Row

12 Wall Ball Shots

However, you can break this up as you want as long as you try to hit 40 muscle ups, 80 calorie row and 120 wall ball shots in under 20 minutes. Regardless of how you break it up, we have another opportunity to set some goals or hit some new mile stones.

Have fun with this one y’all and leave a comment so I know how it went!

Link to videos of movements.

Link to workout description and movement standards.





4 comments for “20.5

  1. JoshMc says:

    20.5: 15:22 with chin-over-bar pullups & 20# WB. Did it in 5 rounds with the 4; 16; 4; 24 rep “Murph style” rep scheme.

  2. Nadav says:

    WOD: 18:47 @ chest-to-bar pull ups, 16# WB; rep scheme was 4 pull-ups, 12 WB, 8 cal row for 10 rounds

  3. Hugo says:

    16:32 scaled (chin-over-bar pullups; 14 lb wall ball)

    Scheme: 8 rounds (5 pullups + 10 Cal row + 15 wall balls)

  4. Jon says:

    16:11 scaled, same scheme as Hugo

    Thanks for judging, Salima!

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