Nick | 01/14/2020 | 4

We’re hitting some gymnastics strength and then a long different style of AMRAP with a little rest built in.

The strength EMOM will be short, so be sure to find the right challenge for your handstand push ups.  The WOD, named “Ghost” will keep you moving with a full minute each of three different cardio based movements followed by a minute of rest.  Every rep counts, so try to save your break for those rest minutes.



2-5 handstand push ups

WOD: “Ghost”

6 rounds

1 minute of cal row

1 minute of burpees

1 minute of double unders

1 minute of rest

*score is total reps

4 comments for “Ghost

  1. JoshMc says:

    Str: DSW upside down pushups off a box
    WoD: 479 Rx, knew Augie’s total # but couldn’t quite get there!!

  2. BenB says:

    Str: box HS pushups
    WoD: 545 (? about, kind of forgot) Rx. Shooting for 18 cal, 13 burpees, 60+ DU or better per round….

  3. Daniel S. says:

    Str: 2 to 3 HSPUs using 2 ab mats.
    WoD: 459 Rx. Shooting for 18 cal, 10 burpees, and whatever I could get from the Dubs.

  4. Nadav says:

    STR: 2-5 HSPU. These vanish quickly
    WOD: 210 Rx

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