Twas the night before the CrossFit Somerville holiday party….and we did strict press

Augie | 01/16/2020 | 4

Hey everyone! Important reminder: Saturday at 7:00 PM we will have our CFSV Holiday Party and want to see YOU there! We will have an open bar, snacks, deserts, and interesting conversation. Please come and bring friends. If you have a killer party food, bring that too! Can’t wait to see you all there to play “Wow, you look different in clothes”!

Now, on to today’s fitness which takes us back to the Strict Press. Today we are doing 4 sets of 8 reps at 65% of your 1RM. If you don’t want to do that math, there is now a handy chart on the wall below the Squad Goals board so check it out.

The emphasis here is to keep that strict press clean on all reps to build muscle memory at a lower weight with high rep sets. Now, there are only 4 sets of 8 which means take at least two warm up rounds to get up to your working weight. Be sure to focus on keeping your core tight through the entire movement and breathe.

Once that is done, put away your weights and barbells, today’s WOD is an engine builder using body weight movements in a quick 10 minute AMRAP. The movements are 10 Air Squats (If this seems too easy and you want to push that challenge a bit, our RX+ movement will be 10 Pistol Squats – but only if you are proficient at these), 10 Push-Ups (find the most challenging scale you can to complete all the reps), and 20 Lateral Hops over the orange hurdles. This is just enough work on each exercise to keep you constantly moving, so get in there and get after it.

Have a fantastic workout and then get ready for the party! It’ll be a fun time and if we’re lucky, perhaps JT will set someone on fire!



4 comments for “Twas the night before the CrossFit Somerville holiday party….and we did strict press

  1. JoshMc says:

    Str: 85#
    WoD: 10+10 Rx, pushups the limiting factor.

  2. BenB says:

    STR: 85# (tried 90 for 1 round, bad idea)
    WoD: 8+14. Very push up limited

  3. Nadav says:

    STR: 65# (a bit more than my 65% of my 1 max @ 95#)
    WOD: 9+10 Rx. legs still sore from front squats on Tuesday, so the air squats did not feel so springy

  4. DANIEL S. says:

    STR: 95#
    WoD: 10+18 Rx. Push ups were limiting factor and I likely had a couple no reps.

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