Friday Buns of Steel!

Augie | 02/06/2020 |

(Not those kinds of buns….)

It’s Friday and we’re rounding out this week with a full on ‘ass’ault by going after the glutes with a few moves that focusĀ  on strengthening the posterior chain so get ready!

First, today’s strength focus will be barbell lunge steps loaded with 40% – 50% of your Back Squat 1RM. These will be done in an EMOM 8 where each minute, you will complete 8 – 10 reps (4-5 per leg). The focus is to get the work done in 30-35 seconds tops then re-rack the bar. Don’t go to far, though because the next minute’s work kicks off fast.

Once this portion is complete, adjust the weight on your bar to 50% of your body weight and we will use that for the WOD; an AMRAP 15 of 15 Back Squats, 10 Push Ups, 5 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups.

This weight will be cleaned from the floor and then placed on the shoulders for Back squats, so make that transition clean and deliberate. It should work like a push jerk, dip and drive from the front rack, and dip and receive the bar behind your head. This may limit your weight, but not by much. Once done, pop the bar back over in the same dip/drive/redip/catch move from back to front and control the bar back to the ground.

The push ups are standard, full range of motion and to the scale you need to use to get through the reps/rounds.

The Chest To Bar pull-ups are a hard move, so get after them! Use what scale you need, but get your chest high and in contact with the bar.

Once you’re done, have a fantastic weekend and get ready to get stronger/better/faster next week!