This Friday we’re getting Gym-Nasty!

Augie | 02/13/2020 | 2

Hey friends! Today’s work will be very Gym-Nasty as we forego all external loads (READ: no weighty things needed) and we focus on bodyweight movements. For today’s skill we are going back to the wall to work on our handstand push-ups (HSPU). This will be a revisit of the EMOM 8 where each minute on the minute you will do 2-5 reps of your chosen (challenging to you) scale. Before you think about  it, YES! We did this a few weeks ago, so look up your score or think back to what you did that time and do that again. EVEN BETTER IDEA ALERT! Do that + 1! You’ve been working on overhead press strength, so test it out!

Once that is done, we will take on the HERO WOD: JAY. This is AMRAP 20 of the triplet: 22 Air Squats, 12 Toes To Bar (TTB), 9 Burpees. That’s it, just those three simple movements.


The Air Squats are a foundational movement, so take this time to MASTER IT. Do the movement with full range of motion (as best as you can), fight for the depth, keep that torso up. Getting this one right directly translates into Back Squat, Front Squat, OH Squat, Thruster, Wall Balls…. See where I’m going? Get this one right, it’s important.

The TTB should be done in the hardest scale that you can keep active and engaged shoulders while doing the full kip movement. These are the foundations for getting the TTB, so get up on that bar and hang on for as many reps as you can with those two things engaged. As soon as you go slack in the shoulders, get off the bar.

The Burpee is a polarizing movement. You love it (all three people on earth) or you hate it (the rest of us). Little secret here: THE BURPEE MAKES YOU BETTER AT EVERYTHING! Get it down and it improves engine, squat, push strength, dynamic hip extension with power (jump!), etc. The coaches will give you techniques to make this a smoother movement, but it’s always a trip on the struggle bus, so get your tickets and hop on!

Have a great weekend, see you on Saturday and/or maybe Sunday for the group WOD and Open Gym respectively. Then, right back at it next week!


2-5 HSPU


22 Air Squats
12 TTB
9 Burpees

2 comments for “This Friday we’re getting Gym-Nasty!

  1. BenB says:

    STR: 2-3 HSPU w/ abmat
    WoD: 8 + 5. Started with TTB, dropped to KTE to keep from staring at the bar the whole time…

  2. Nadav says:

    STR: we did pike push-ups from a box, which for me at least are more difficult than HSPU
    WOD: 8+4 Rx

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