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JT Scott | 02/23/2020 | 3

We want you to do Dubs. Not just because they’re a cool skill (though they kinda are), but because double-unders are MUCH more aerobically taxing than a scale like “triple the number of single-unders”. We chase intensity here because it gets us results, not because it looks cooler – and dubs are much more intense in the ways that are useful to your overall general physical preparedness.

Unfortunately the only way to get your dubs is to spend a long time sucking at them. That’s why days like today we’ll direct the scaling to be very specifically an amount of time dedicated to attempting them, rather than some arbitrary number of (far less effective) single-unders, which won’t necessarily progress you towards your goals.

Likewise, we want you to get your HSPU. And we know the best way to build strength towards that goal is to do strict HSPU work.

I’m not saying not to practice your kip if you want to… Imma just say that your coaches understand well that strict movements worked through the maximum possible range of motion are more effective at building overall work capacity than drilling movement-skill exercises like the kip portion of a kipping HSPU in a shortened range of motion.

So that’s where we’re coming from on the scaling today. Let’s get after the week with renewed vigor… and remember, EARLY VOTING in Somerille starts on Monday! Get out and vote!

Skill Work: Double Unders

30 Double-Unders
250m Row
Max Effort Unbroken HSPU

* Score is number of HSPU
* Scale for dubs is 30 secs of attempts
* Scale HSPU as needed to box-based strict HSPU, rather than reducing ROM with Abmats

3 comments for “Get Dem Skillz

  1. BenB says:

    WoD: 15-minute AMRAP (not just once through!). 24″ box HSPU on toes: 43

  2. Jon says:

    WoD: 25 Rx (what Ben said)

    Second day back after a long injury. I missed you folks!

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