Overhead Squats for strength AND endurance!

coacholiverphd | 02/25/2020 | 1

Hi Friends! Who’s excited for all the squats??? Tomorrow we’ll be tackling a high-volume squat day, so get in before class if you can and get mobilized!

For the strength portion of the day we’ll be focusing on Overhead Squats (OHS) for stability and quality of movement. These will be done in sets of 3 and building from an empty barbell. If you never progress away from the empty barbell, that’s totally fine. This is a day to work on the quality of the movement and not letting the ego take over. With that said, try and work up to something a little heavier than 45/35 because today’s WOD will contain sets of OHS with an empty barbell.  Think of how light these will feel once you de-load that barbell!

The WOD format is simple, in 20 minutes complete as many rounds as possible of 20 OHS (45/35), 20 Back Squats (45/35), & 500M row. This will be a test of your squat endurance with high volume, light weight squats paired with rowing.

This one is fun, so get in there and enjoy!

STR: OHS Sets of 3 building

WOD: “Waterlogged Jenny”
20 OHS (45/35)
20 Back Squats (45/35)
500M Row

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  1. Jon says:

    Str: 85#
    WoD: 4 + 2 Rx

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