Dips and Dubs

Jenna Buckle | 03/18/2020 | 17

Hi all! I’m so inspired by the photos, videos, comments, and reflections you’ve been sharing here and in the Facebook group on how you’re sticking to your fitness routines at home. (Dan S. fitnessing with his dog…. Margaret roping in her friends for a “Death By” WOD…. Eirik waking up his downstairs neighbors even with his ‘light and springy’ jumping jacks…)

It’s been incredible to see everyone committing to that “at-home fitness” life. Keep up the great work, and keep staying connected!

Here’s your at-home mobility and WOD for today, with some notes below on the dips and double unders.

Up/Down Dog (30 sec up, 30 sec down, 30 sec up, 30 sec down)
Tricep stretch (60 sec/arm)
Calf stretch

For Time: 10 rounds
10 sit-ups
10 dips
25 double unders or penguin taps

DIPS: Find some stable furniture to perform the dips, like a sturdy wooden chair, a bench, or a couch. This video shows how to do a chair dip. Lots of other ideas if you Google “how to do dips at home.” Otherwise, consider swapping in regular or hand-release push-ups for the dips. POST IN THE COMMENTS how you got creative here!

DOUBLE UNDERS: If you have your own jump rope at home (and a high ceiling…), get after those double unders or increase the rep count to 50 single unders. Otherwise, penguin taps (click for a video demo) are a great no-equipment option.

17 comments for “Dips and Dubs

  1. Sarah L says:

    Jumping jacks I can do lightly … penguin taps less so … sorry second floor!
    Both yesterday and today I sped up the second half … taking it too easy at the outset??

  2. Paul B. says:

    Ok! Warmed up with an easy 30 min. trainer ride between the MOB and WoD. Then, because of heel and tendon pain (and a rather low ceiling and flimsy flooring), I substituted 30 high-knee mountain climbers for the dubs. This made the WoD much more about shoulders and abs, I suspect! Ooo. 12:35. Thanks, coaches!

  3. Heather Jacques says:

    I’m starting to love doing the WoD first thing in morning! Never thought I would be one of those people!

    Seconded that it is MUCH harder to do the penguin taps lightly. I have a feeling my downstairs neighbor may not be as fond of 7:00am workouts as I am…

    Finished at 13:55. The dips were definitely the limiting factor today.

  4. Eirik H says:

    WOD: 13:40
    Doing penguin taps instead of dubs definitely made it easier but I don’t own a jump rope so that’s my excuse. Triceps were totally burnt out at the end

  5. JoshMc says:

    I’m taking some time away from jumping /running exercises to rest a sore achilles that has been bothering me for 2+ months at this point. So there’s that silver lining, even though I’ve avoided the posted workouts. Probably will be doing more indoor/outdoor biking than I was otherwise planning at this time of year….

    Yesterday, I made up my own workout:

    7 rounds of 10 situps, and then 8 rows from a plank (alternating arms) w/20# DB. Then went outside and did 7 rounds w/20# DB in each arm of 10 ledge step-ups and then 10 DB push press. Didn’t time it, so maybe was less disciplined than usual.

    TBD what I will do today. Might need to procure a kettlebell and some more DBs at some point.

    Miss the 5:30 AM crew. Keep at it everyone!

  6. Berenice V says:

    I saw Jenna’s videos before starting. Thanks! It was useful to understand the movement.
    I was really slow today. My time: 16:15 using only one chair, starting with DU attempts, and finishing with something that was definitely not DU. I agree. I woke up everyone with my jumping.
    Miss also the 5:30 crew.
    Thanks for helping me to keep the spirit.

  7. Daniel S. says:

    What’s up 5:30!

    WoD: 9:31 sit ups, double chair dips, and penguin taps. Dog interfered during sit ups, but only in the first couple of rounds.

    I liked this one.

  8. Jack Orenstein says:

    14:03. Come on, step up the effort. Need to avoid wasting away.

  9. Dr. Dan says:

    10x sit-ups
    10x chair dips
    15x penguin taps

  10. Melinda says:

    It’s a good thing I’m close with my first floor neighbors. They definitely heard my penguin taps.

    Time: 10:19 after a 75-minute yoga flow. Tomorrow, I’m going to try the WOD first thing in the morning to see how that impacts the rest of the day.

    I miss you guys a lot!

  11. Sue Shoesmith says:

    WOD: 13:20 penguin taps

  12. William Shoesmith says:

    WOD: 12:12 penguin taps

  13. Jenna says:

    Miss you all! Love the improvisation with the equipment that you have.

  14. BenB says:

    Late to post but…
    Lots of mobility (getting back into running is testing my hips!)
    WOD: did it! Chair dips, sits ups, penguin taps. But forgot to stop my timer, so leave it as, worked hard. Also ran 2+ miles before WOD…

  15. Jack H. says:

    Couple days late but 8:59. Penguin taps. Definitely need to work on my sit-ups

  16. Erica M. says:

    12:54, penguin taps. Thank you for creating these wods-from-home, they are very appreciated!

  17. Robin K. says:

    I’m a couple days behind in he workouts…
    12:28 – penguin taps

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