WFH Friday; all burpees, all the time!

Augie | 03/19/2020 | 7

Hey y’all! I have to agree with Coach Jenna’s comment yesterday; I LOVE seeing all the comments and interaction in our amazing group, both here in the comments and on the new FB page! (If you’re not there yet, look for CFSV Shenanigans and join!) I miss all of you and hope you’re doing well with this crazy situation we’re in.

First, the MOB work is well rounded with upper body, lower body, and lower back movements. For 30-60 seconds each perform:
– Door Frame Shoulder/Pec stretch
– Standing Hamstring Stretch
– Figure Four Stretch
– And then 10 total Squat/Hold/Reach movements

Door Frame Stretch
Standing Hamstring Stretch
Squat/Reach/Hold (5 on each arm, alternating)

Now Friday’s WOD From Home is simple, but it is not easy and gives you 100 burpees for time. Now, at face value this is do 100 burpees as fast as you can, but let’s be honest, the word burpee has already begun to deter some of you. So, you don’t have to think I have to do 100 burpees fast. You can scale this workout to “I need to do 10 sets of 10 burpees today”, or “every time I look at the refrigerator I need to do 5 burpees”, or every time my roommate/sig o/child/pet does X, I need to do a burpee.

Make a game of it, but do the work. I say it frequently; Burpees make you better at everything, (a broad stroke statement obviously, that ain’t getting those taxes done or helping you assist with your children’s homework) but you know what I’m saying.

I know this one will be challenging and not something you “want” to do, but put in the work because I know you got this!

7 comments for “WFH Friday; all burpees, all the time!

  1. Heather Jacques says:

    Woof. Finished in 9:58, just barely making my goal of under 10 minutes. I broke it up into sets of 10 which helped me to mentally get through it. Definitely could have pushed myself a little more through reps 60-90 but I really went all out on the last 10 reps!

    Happy to have that be over with haha
    Happy Friday!

  2. Jenna says:

    Woo, go Heather!

    5:55 was my time. I *think* I kept a steady pace the entire time, and definitely sped up for the last 10 reps.

  3. Berenice V says:

    Challenging! 8:44
    Faster than I was imagining.

  4. Josh Feinman says:

    12 minutes

  5. Jack Orenstein says:

    17:05. Jenna must not be human. So, immune to coronavirus.

  6. Eirik H says:


    Agreed, Jenna is operating at the limits of what is humanly possible. Or maybe she just paced herself well. I definitely didn’t. I was gassed at the around the 40 burpee mark. Probably should’ve backed off my pace at the beginning

  7. Jon says:


    Slower than the last time I did this, which was briefly disappointing. Then I remembered I was out for a long time with an injury and couldn’t do much of anything, so that turned right around into feeling really good about being able to do burpees again!

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