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coacholiverphd | 03/24/2020 | 22

Hello friends! We know you miss barbells as much as we miss you but who doesn’t love a descending bodyweight movement ladder? Especially one with burpees in it?? What more can you ask for?

Before you jump into the Wednesday WOD, let’s not forget to work on mobility! A few considerations for today – door frame shoulder stretch, figure 4 stretch and squat and hold. We recommend you do all 3 for at least 30-60 seconds each. If you don’t remember what the door frame shoulder stretch is here’s a pic of me on the rig!

The figure 4 stretch looks like this:

Squat and hold is pretty straight-forward but who doesn’t love a good visual?

Ok, Ok – that’s just a photo of Coach Michael being judgy but you guys know how to squat and hold. Get those butts low, stay active, throw a little twist in there. You get the idea.

The WOD itself is pretty straightforward. Burpees are burpees – just keep moving! Break up the push-ups if you need to or scale to something elevated like a mudroom bench or chair or even your counter or wall. For sit-ups don’t be afraid to execute the full range of motion! All the way back, all the way forward! Happy Wod from homing!

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22 comments for “Down the Ladder

  1. Niall says:

    11.47 Rx

  2. Sarah L says:

    11:50 Rx SO MUCH PUSHING all in a row! 🙂 Pushups were definitely the limiting factor.

  3. Heather Jacques says:

    12:26 with push-ups to a 16″ bench.

    Agreed, so many push-ups! But I always enjoy this rep scheme and this was a great start to the morning.

  4. Ben PC says:

    So judgy, that Michael!
    12:03 Rx, pushups were… singles
    Then, 20 min ride

  5. DANIEL S. says:

    10:21 Rx, brûlée’s to push ups were spicy!

    More dog shenanigans…

  6. Berenice V says:

    10:44, I struggled also with the push-ups.

    Happy Wednesday everyone.

  7. Jack Orenstein says:

    14:02. Rx!

  8. Melinda says:

    11:02 Rx-minus-ish. But I actually really enjoyed the burpees which feels very strange. Followed it with another 75 minutes of yoga. I seem to be developing adult-like patterns and going from the WOD into whatever yoga class I signed up for seems like a worthwhile way to spend my time.

  9. JoshMc says:

    8:55 Rx, burpees felt good, pushups were the big challenge from round 2 onwards, many singles in there along the way. I think the burpees-to-pushups transition was tougher than I remember (and in scanning the comments, looks like Dan S. agrees!). Stay healthy everyone!

  10. Jon says:

    13:22 Rx+

    Added a 10lb weight vest mostly in the interest of trying to figure out how to work with a weight vest. I’ve learned that this is definitely the wrong kind of workout (for me!) for a weight vest.

    Burpees were fine, situps had a slightly limited range of motion, and the pushups (a) were way slower than I think was intended and (b) had a really short range of motion.

    Lesson learned for next time, but I’m glad to have tried it!

  11. Bill Shoesmith says:

    12:41 Rx

  12. Josh Feinman says:

    10:56 RX

  13. Sue Shoesmith says:

    13:52 Rx

  14. Mark R says:

    K, so I’m f’ing crazy. I decided to do a run around my block after each round. My block is probably a little longer than 400m. Sounded like a great idea until I got back from round 1 and 5 minutes went by. I decided I’d stick it out. So this nice short little wod took 55 minutes. But I feel great!

  15. Jim K. says:


    I liked that one, but… ouch!

    Those push-ups are super hard.

    (Somebody pass the chips.)

  16. Aka says:

    Done in 9:50 with push-up modification. This was my first workout back post baby. Hello from Mainer!

  17. Alex Whitmore says:


  18. Robin K. says:

    12:55 with scaled push ups. May have lost track and done an extra round of 2. This one felt good.
    In other news, my deadlift calluses are softening and disappearing 🙁

  19. Erica M. says:

    Did this one a few days late, but 13:21! Subbed banded pull-ups for the push-ups (burpees+push-ups is a lot of shoulders & still working through a shoulder injury)

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