Let’s get creative!

coacholiverphd | 03/24/2020 | 14

Cheap Alternative of doing famer walks- Do them with Pigs!

Hey friends! I miss your faces!! Not to worry- your coaches continue to work on at home programming for you guys and thinking creatively about what you may already have in your house that can do double duty. Today we have you filling grocery bags with cans or boxes of pasta (we know you have those!) and carrying them like you would 2 KBs or 2 DBs.

If you’re concerned about your neighbors and those stairs turn these into a farmer’s carry across your kitchen or a front rack lunge steps. Add some sit-ups between rounds if you’re feeling it!

Either way, unlike our friend with the pigs, keep that chest up, shoulders active and get after it!!

Fill two recyclable grocery bags to a weight that feels moderately heavy, then:

10 RFT
Farmers Carry up/down 25-30 steps*
*Simulate 3rd floor walk up

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  1. Ben PC says:

    Hi friends!

    20:58 for:
    30 lunges w/ 12 kilo KB in front rack
    15 situps

    Followed by 20 min recovery ride on stationary bike

  2. Melinda says:

    I probably could have gone heavier on the bags. Did it in 6:16 and now moving into a 75-minute vinyasa flow. (Are we going to get any Zoom WODs going? I miss you guys.)

  3. Paul B. says:

    10 trips up my stairs would have broken them. Following Ben’s lead:
    10 rounds for time
    30 lunge steps (two large laundry detergent jugs: a lot less than 12 kg)
    15 sit ups
    That was a lot of lunge steps! A nice break to the work day.

  4. Josh Feinman says:

    My wife and I did this with a kettlebell. 12K for Regan, 24K for me. Symbolically we both completed in 4:20. RIP recreational stores (for now) 🙁

  5. JoshMc says:

    Made up my own today, kind of similar to yesterday:

    5 rounds of:
    5 tabletop rows (gonna keep working on these!)
    10 pushups
    20 situps

    Followed by 20 min Peloton workout.

    Achilles improving and may try the burpee workout tomorrow

  6. Margaret says:

    7:05 – I carried a 25# plate up and down the stairs 20 times. After, I finally got around to doing those 100 burpees, which took about 9 minutes. I set a timer to ding every 5 seconds 100 times, which would have been a time of 8:20 but I took a break around 60. I definitely would have lost count if it weren’t for the timer. Keep the WFHs coming!

  7. Hugo says:

    Also followed Ben’s suggestion:

    10 RFT
    30 front rack lunges (around 6 kg)
    15 sit-ups

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