Jenna Buckle | 04/01/2020 | 14

It’s a simple, no-equipment workout today. We’ve got push-ups, sit-ups, and (JT’s favorite movement) the tuck jump. Get those knees to your chest and stay springy!

If you’d like to substitute the tuck jumps for something else (maybe it’s too noisy on your downstairs neighbors… maybe it’s a rough movement on your knees….), we suggest doing double unders, jumping jacks, or penguin hops, but consider doubling the number of reps to 40.

Have fun, and don’t forget to post your times down below.

3 rounds
:40 sec jumping jacks // :20 rest
:40 sec inchworms w/ push-up // :20 rest
:40 sec high knees in place // :20 rest

3 rounds for time:
40 push-ups
30 sit-ups
20 tuck jumps

14 comments for “Springy

  1. Aka says:

    12:29 with modified pushups. Thanks for continuing to post fun, interesting and challenging workouts!

  2. Heather Jacques says:

    14:55 with: push-ups to 16″ bench for round 1 and to 24″ arm chair for rounds 2 & 3 (OUCH), sit-ups, and 40 jumping jacks since those tuck jumps were LOUD and I don’t want my downstairs neighbors to hate me by the time this is all over

  3. Paul B. says:

    13:14 with a chair for the push-ups and mountain climbers instead of the high-knee jumpy things. These are contraindicated in my flimsy house, and anyway they remind me of the time I kneed myself in the face playing racquetball: I ducked and jumped at the same time.

  4. matt g says:

    swapped tuck jumps for tiny jumping jacks for 2 out of 3, then heard my downstairs neighbor start vacuuming; out of paranoia that i’d shaken something loose, switched to knees in place. yikes! 16:30ish

  5. Erica M. says:

    11:54. Subbed 20 banded pull-ups for the 40 pushups!

  6. Daniel S. says:

    13:32 Rx. Push ups were the limiting factor. Tuck jumps were great!

  7. Jack Orenstein says:

    14:25. That’s a lot of pushups. Cats ignored me this time.

  8. Bill Shoesmith says:

    13:47 elevated push-ups, sit-ups, tuck jumps

  9. Jenna Buckle says:

    Aka, Paul, Bill, Jack, Dan, Erica, Heather, Matt —

    Glad you took on this workout. I really enjoyed reading your notes on how you modified the movements!

  10. Jon says:

    17:27 Rx

    Ouch. Tried these in the basement so as to not frighten the downstairs neighbors and didn’t really have anything to use to scale the pushups. Situps and tuck jumps flew by. Pushups were slooooow.

  11. Eirik H says:

    I haven’t commented in a while but I have been doing the workouts, I swear.
    18:31 Rx.
    Everyone else has been saying this already but the pushups were definitely the hardest part

  12. JoshMc says:

    11:20 Rx, just tried to stay methodical with the pushups even when it deopped to singles. Maybe….the depth on #120 wasn’t quite as good as #1….tuck jumps felt ok on the heel.

  13. Jim says:

    Late to the game on this….14:36. 1st round of push-ups on the floor. The rest were elevated on a short flight of stairs. Got faster on tuck jumps on sets 2 & 3.

  14. Jack H. says:

    9:36 Rx.

    Loved getting tuck jumps in

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