Friday is time for more push-ups! PSYCHE!!

Augie | 04/02/2020 | 9

Hanging with some of my favorite humans not that long ago!

Hey everyone! Now that we are in day 4,567,893 of quarantine let’s continue to look around for ‘alternative movements’ and today we have a few cool ones, so put seatbelts on your eyes, because I’m about to take them for the ride of their lives!

First, let’s take some extra time (it’s Friday afterall) and put in some effort for today’s mobility. In addition to our regular shoulder / hip work, let’s focus on something a bit different: Knee Health (and yes, ankle work helps with that so check this out:
Starting from the ground up do the following series.

(FACT: You know what’s better than doing it once? Doing it twice. Especially if you’re feeling frisky):

  1. Calf Stretch R/L for 30-60 seconds each side. (See link above and use #3 Straight Leg or #4 Bent Knee, which feels like it works for YOU?)
  2. Ankle Rockers R/L 30-60 seconds each side. (Link #5)
  3. Inside/Outside Ankle Rockers R/L 30-60 seconds each side (Link #6&7)
  4. Ankle Circles R/L Clockwise: 10-20 reps for 1 set/ Counterclockwise: 10-20 reps for 1 set. (Link #8)
  5. Knee Circles for Clockwise: 10-20 reps for 1 set/ Counterclockwise: 10-20 reps for 1 set. (
  6. Pausing Air Squats 10 Reps with 5 second hold at bottom (while in bottom move R/L to open hips. KEEP HEELS DOWN!)
  7. 10 Good Mornings (Interlock your fingers behind your (head like that time in spring break) slight bend in the knees and hinge at the hip until you feel your hamstrings get tight/engage. Then stand up. Brace your midsection and keep your back flat)
  8. Cross Body Shoulder Stretch R/L 30-60 Seconds
  9. Tricep Stretch R/L 30-60 seconds

Nicely done, now you’re ready to get some work done!
Today’s WOD From Home is an AMRAP 18, so get that iPad, iPhone, phone of questionable origin with android loaded, and set up your timer for 18 minutes. Then complete as many rounds/reps as possible of:
18 Skater Hops (
10 Table Rows (
8 Deck Squats or Pistol Squats (

Be sure to post your scores and keep in touch with us and each other!

18 Skater Hops
10 Table Rows
8 Deck Squats / Pistol Squats

9 comments for “Friday is time for more push-ups! PSYCHE!!

  1. Sarah L says:

    7+20 ish with deck squats
    The table rows got the point where my hands were so sweaty that I was slipping and going too slowly and I went down to 6-7 for a couple of rounds.

    I can’t stand from the ground w/o turning my right knee totally inward for the first inch, then getting into a good squat … how horrible is that?

    Thanks for the new movements and keeping it interesting/motivating every morning, team 🙂

  2. Erica M. says:

    8 + 32 but I finished off the last 4 after the timer to even my legs out! So 9 🙂

    18 skater hops (9 per leg)
    10 banded pull-ups (no table sturdy enough for table rows!)
    8 deck squats first few rounds, then switched to supported (wall/band) pistols (4 each leg)

  3. Heather J says:

    12+2 with modifications

    18 skater hops
    10 bent over KB rows
    8 pistol squats to bench

    This was a fun one!

  4. Daniel S. says:

    9+20 Almost Rx + Dog

    I figured out how to do table rows with two chairs. Halfway through I realized the form really wasn’t so great for the volume and I moved to single arm kettle bell rows.

    Dog was a factor early. She chose to wrestle my arm during the deck squats. Chased her own tail during the rows.

    Michael bringing the Friday heat! Liked this one.

  5. BenB says:

    Sorry to say I did a completely different workout, but it looks cool! I am short on space, although I do have access to an acceptable pull-up and ring row option (my kids’ trapeze).
    So I ran 3 miles then did 5 rounds of 10 ring rows, 20 squats. Then finished with 3×10 strict knees to elbows…

  6. Melinda Green says:

    12 rounds

    I love this workout. I did modify it because I don’t have the best table(s) to do them. Subbed table rows for pushups (to a ~18″ side table). I also went with deck squats because those are just fun and added a jump after each one. Because deck squats are fun and I wanted to make them more fun.

  7. Caroline K says:

    11 rounds with modifications

    18 skater hops
    10 pushups (don’t have a sturdy table, so I did an elevated push up instead)
    8 pistol squats to a bench

  8. JoshMc says:

    10+24 Rx (with deck squats). Might get callouses from these table rows.

  9. Robin K. says:

    Couldn’t go rucking today (maybe tomorrow?), so I did this one I missed on Friday instead:
    10+28 with table rows with bent knees and pistol squats to a chair.
    Mental note: sweep under kid’s spot before crawling around under the dining room table next time…

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