Three by Three

Nick | 05/18/2020 | 7

We’re working with a lot f time to climb up our ladder today, so while things might feel quick and snappy at first, you’ll want to settle into a rhythm that allows you to flow through this with short, deliberate breaks. As the sets get big, set reasonable goals for when you’ll break your sets – ideally before you redline so hard that you need to stand around for 15-20 seconds to recover enough to continue. This one’s (obviously) not a sprint – just keep grinding

3,6,9, etc
KB (object) swings
Goblet Lunges

7 comments for “Three by Three

  1. Heather J says:

    18+17 with a 35# KB


  2. Jack H. says:

    8+2. This one was a slog, great for practicing pacing. Tougher than expected

  3. Josh Feinman says:

    Round of 18 + 21 with a 24K bell. Did russian swings.

  4. Jon says:

    Didn’t do this, but I did my first meager workout since I injured my back in April. I did 3 rounds of 100′ lunge-walks and 10 burpees, and it was waaaay harder than I was prepared for. Still, very excited to be moving again!

  5. EB says:

    This one hurt a lot. 21 +1. Unweighted squats because legs were SORE from the past two days. Moved super slow, felt even slower but still did something! thanks for the WOD.

  6. Berenice V says:

    This was as hard as it sounds. 21+2.
    Used a cinder block (38 lb approx) for swings and a 17 pounds rice bag for lunges.
    Thanks 🙂

  7. Margaret says:

    I am finding that workouts like this (starts out manageably and gets tougher) are good for WFH because it’s easy to talk myself into starting. In the end, I was 4 burpees shy of finishing the 21 round. I think that’s 18 + 59. Thanks for the workout!

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