Ain’t no mountain high enough

coacholiverphd | 05/20/2020 | 7

Good morning friends!

Ok so that song lyric is a stretch but work with me folks!! Today we have an EMOM followed by an AMRAP because acronyms are fun! For the EMOM you’ll be alternating between max effort chair dips and max effort bent over rows (with whatever weighted object you have). See link below for demos. Remember to build in that transition time.

Once you’ve finished the strength-y EMOM dive into 10 minutes of cardio fun!

Warm-up is always important. It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the tank is clean…

Get outside, do some mobility ,maybe jog a bit (wear your mask!!) then jump into all the acronyms! Have fun, friends!

Min 1: Max chair dips
Min 2: Max bent-over rows*

*Use whatever load you have. A weighted backpack would work.

40 mountain climbers
30 sit ups
20 double unders or penguin hops

Bent-over row demos:
Single object:
Double object:

7 comments for “Ain’t no mountain high enough

  1. Sarah L says:

    4 + 57 w/ penguin jumps
    very nice 🙂
    my deltiods (!?) were protesting on the chair dips b/c I did Monday’s workout yesterday with the 50 pushups.

  2. DANIEL S. says:

    5 + 45 w/ penguin hops.

    Keep this up and I might see an ab or two this summer… Sit ups were tough!

  3. Eirik H says:

    4 + 55 with penguin jumps
    Jumps and climbers were easy-peasy but the sit-ups got rough pretty quick

  4. Berenice V says:

    4 + 75
    Penguin jumps.

  5. EB says:

    4+ 13.
    Subbed Jumping jacks for hops/dubs.

    This was a long ten minutes! harder than I thought. Thanks guys!

  6. Jack H. says:

    3 + 74
    Double unders

  7. Heather Jacques says:

    Did this on Friday!

    4+55 with jumping jacks subbed in for the double unders

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