Memorial Day Modified Murph

Augie | 05/22/2020 |

Howdy everyone! I hope you’re doing well and we are going to host a “Virtual Modified Murph” to keep the spirit of the CrossFit Memorial Day alive! This will be a longer ZOOM event, but a great way to “hang out” with your CFSV friends.

The concept is to find a nice space outside where you can have a “base” to do the non-running work via ZOOM and we’ll break it down like this:

  1. Mobility: 8-10 Min
  2. Warm-UP: 8-10 Min
  3. WOD: 50 Minutes

The WOD will be structured as follows:
10 Minutes of running (Cardio exercise). If you can run a mile, run a mile and you have some recovery time. If not, run out for 5 minutes, turn around run back.

Once the first run is completed, we will do a 30 minute EMOM alternating between 5 Push Ups, 10 Air Squats, 15 Sit-Ups. (This gives us 50 Push-Ups, 100 Air Squats, 150 Sit-Ups) total

When that is done, our second 10 minutes of running.

Given this is not “Pure MURPH” but doing it in this fashion allows for an organized amount of work for everyone. We can do the “REAL MURPH” when we get back to a normal environment.

Lastly, keep a frosty beverage of your choice handy and when the WOD is done, we can hang out a bit and catch up!

Watch for the event and details on the CFSV Shenanigans FaceBook Page. If you aren’t on there, GET ON THERE! If you don’t do the FaceBook, leave a comment below and I’ll email you the details.

See you soon!