Friday is a Brand New (Mixed) Bag!

Augie | 06/18/2020 | 1

Get out and have some fun with this one!

Hey y’all! That was a TERRIBLE attempt to play on the words of the great philosopher James Brown and his moving tale of getting a new suitcase, or something. ANYWAYS; Let’s chat up today’s fitness!!

(Also, a quick shout out to Coach Nelly for putting together the daily WODs for the last few weeks. Send her a thank you on FB.)

Again, as the weather is getting warmer, let’s get off the floor/couch/computer chair/other sitty type thing and get out for some cardio and a series of body weight movements.

The concept is straight forward, we will run 1 mile but broken up into 4, 400M runs. After you complete each 400M Run, you will do a set of exercises starting with 30 sit-ups (Do that somewhere soft, I don’t recommend the sidewalk in front of your house), 25 Push Ups, 20 Air Squats, 15 Burpees. Once complete, you have it! Be sure to do your Mobility and a quick Warm Up so the system is primed to get after it and you don’t lose the first round as a warm up.

MOB – 30-60 seconds each of:
1) Arm Circles Front / Back
– To break up the routine, try doing one arm at a time
2) The Nelly/JT Stretch (2-3 times)
– Stand tall, feet shoulder width, hands straight up reaching to stretch from heels to finger tips for 10-15 seconds,
– Next Hinge at the hips and touch your toes while keeping your legs as straight as possible 10-15 seconds,
– Next drop your hips into a deep squat, place your palms together and press out n your knees to stretch the inner thighs and hips,
– Last, put your hands straight up and stand up tall and stretch
3) Runners Stretch R/L
4) Pigeon Stretch R/L

Warm Up – This aught to do the trick!
1) 40 Jumping Jacks to wake up the body
-Then 2 X
2) 5 Inchworms as follows:
– Hinge At waist, put palms on floor and walk out to plank
-10 (5 per leg) Knee Slap Mountain Climbers
– Walk back to a squat (Knees bent and hands on ground)
– Tuck Jump
3) 5 quick sit ups to warm up the core

Now, get this one done and I hope to see you on the Zoom WOD on Sunday as I do it from the Cape!

Run 400m
30 Situps
Run 400m
25 push-ups
Run 400m
20 Air Squats
Run 400m
15 Burpees

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    Thanks, Mike! Thanks, Nelly! This format always works: 11:46.

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